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A.C.& D. Fuller strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced  services.
A C & D Fuller
Computer Consultants
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Backup. Networks. Network security. Software. Support. Virus protection.

Computers and networks are now an integral part of most small businesses and it is vital that they work reliably. By allowing A.C.& D. Fuller to maintain your systems we will undertake to provide regular system maintenance that will help you to avoid many IT problems before they occur.
In a busy office environment routine IT tasks may have taken a lower priority to core business issues, we will handle these for you boosting both reliability and providing peace of mind.
Each customer will have a plan that is tailored specifically for their business, but generally the tasks undertaken by A.C.& D. Fuller  are…
• Check that backups have run properly
• Monitor and clean up server disk usage
• Check server event logs for any ‘behind the scenes’ issues
• Check virus protection software is up to date for all users
• Ensure that any relevant Microsoft updates are installed
• Check Email and Internet logging for errors and bottlenecks
• Run diagnostic checks on server and network
• Attend to requests and non-urgent problems
• Make recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of your IT investment.
Depending upon your network setup many of these tasks can be run remotely and/or out of business hours to provide the minimum disruption in your office.