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A.C.& D. Fuller strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced  services.
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Computer Consultants
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A C & D Fuller Computer Consultants  specialize in providing the correct technical solution for our clients business needs. Our services range from offering advice to the complete specification, purchase and installation of complex systems. Whether you are looking at one specific project or planning your entire IT strategy, with our years of experience we can help.
Who manages your computers?
All companies use and rely on computers; this is now a fact of life. Whether you are a small company with a single computer or a larger company with a network and many computers. All these computers need managing to realize your full investment from them.
Many companies leave system administration to someone in the office who knows “something about computers”. The problem with this haphazard approach is twofold:-
1. Without formal training it is very unlikely your chosen “administrator” has any real knowledge of how to actually manage a network.
2. Computer management is not what you are paying that person to do, so his/her real job suffers. To solve this dilemma, more and more companies have resorted to outsourcing this important role to a computer consultant.
The answer is to employ an external independent computer consultant who can help you plan an ongoing IT strategy.
A C & D Fuller  are experts in system administration having spent years managing systems for a variety of companies. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge in troubleshooting, network planning and configuration, backup systems, firewalls, e-mail systems and so on, we also understand that the business needs of your organization are important too.